The Unwind Time app is on its way to iTunes!

The Unwind Time app is on its way to iTunes!

Every time I create a new means of sharing my art with the world, there is a steep learning curve. I have to figure out everything – like where and how to affordably print a hardcover book; how to create a box that will hold a deck of cards and a book side-by-side; or how to design and market an app – and it always takes longer than anyone expects.

So, it is with great relief and even greater excitement, that I can say that the app I have been designing for the iPad is really, truly on its way to Apple for approval and listing in the iTunes Store – so that all of you who love my work and love your iPad can now combine the two! And, if you don’t yet have an iPad, here’s your reason to go buy one.

The app, Unwind Time Books, is a bookstore with both a women’s section and a children’s section. In the children’s section, you will find all the books in my hardcover Dear Calla Roo…Love, Savannah Blue series formatted as ebooks, as well as Savannah Blue’s Activity Book that, just like the physical version, will allow the kids you love to color, draw, and write letters in its pages – and then, save, share and print their work!

In the women’s section, you will be able to download coloring books filled with my pen-and-ink drawings to color right on the iPad, using your finger or a stylus and the coloring tools built into the app. You’ll have an unbelievable range of colors as well as the ability to change the opacity of the color and layer multiple shades on top of each other. And, you’ll be able to save up to 3 versions of any drawing at a time, share them via email or Facebook, and print them–then erase and start all over again for unlimited fun.

Intrigued? I hope so.

I will let you know as soon as the app lands in iTunes!